The RacingandSports Global BlackBook administration is the most extensive on the web. Presently covering Australia, New Zealand, HongKong, Singapore, South Africa, and Europe. Try to choose the nation of interest when you enter your horses to follow.

Select a choice on the left route bar to start utilizing your Racing and Sports BlackBook.

Just the Racing And Sports Global Black Book administration it is an electronic record and warning arrangement of horses you need to follow.

Your Global Black Book permits you to monitor a horse’s runs anyplace around Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa, England, Ireland, France and different regions too, a large portion of which are covered by the TAB.

You should simply enter a horse into your Global Black Book and you will get an email warning one to two days before the horse is because of race. Imperative insights of each horse are there just as connecting to the type of the sprinter.

Using best in class intuitive innovation, the Racing and Sports Global Black Book has a large group of “punter amicable” alternatives, including:-

Add Entry: Add a horse and a remark about the horse in your Global Black Book.

Alter Entry: Change a horse’s name or remark sometime in the future.

Rundown Entries: View a rundown of horses in your Global Black Book. This rundown is additionally appropriate for printing.

Erase Entry: Allows a horse to be erased from your Global Black Book.

Email My Black Book: Allows you to send the rundown of horses in your Global Black Book to the email address you entered when you made your record.

Anybody can get a Global Black Book. You should simply make a Racing and Sports Profile (so we realize where to email the data). Whenever you have made a Profile you just go to the login screen and enter your username and secret word and you will approach the Black Book administrations and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. That’s all there is to it.

Make Your Own Racing and Sports Profile

Login To Your Racing and Sports Profile

Client Guide

The My BlackBook choice takes you to your BlackBook landing page.

The Add Entry choice permits you to add a horse and a remark about the horse to your Black Book. Permit somewhere around 48 hours for the horse to be enrolled in our framework.

The Edit Entry choice permits you to change a horse’s name or remark sometime in the future.

The List Entries choice permits you to see a rundown of horses in your Black Book, this rundown is additionally reasonable for printing.

The Delete Entry choice permits you to erase a horse from your Black Book.


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